Formation Programmation CUDA Avancée / CUDA Advanced

Synopsis :

  • Quick recap *
  • Data transfer optimizations (pinned memory, zero copy, cuda managed memory) *
  • concurrent execution (streams, events, levels of synchronization across warps/blocks) *
  • Kernel optimizations (warps, impact of branches, global/constant/shared memory in detail espacially bank conflicts)
  • overall GPU efficiency (occupancy, roofline model)
  • Hardware specific behaviours (Kepler, Pascal, Volta) key differences for the programmer
  • Compilation of CUDA in detail (execution model)
  • Multi GPU (device management, CUDA context, Peer2Peer in CUDA, NV-Link, CUDA + MPI (gdr-copy), Multi-Process-Service mps)
  • Advanced profiling (nvidia-smi, nvprof, nvvp)

* = overlap with training "CUDA basics"

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Formation Programmation CUDA Basics

Familiariser le programmeur avec le langage cuda. Accélérer les codes hpc en utilisant les cartes accélératrices nvidia. mots clés : modèle de programmation, optimisation de code, gp-gpu