Workshop CALMIP/IMFT : High Performance Computations for fluid Dynamics, November 26th @ECA
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Topics : Interface Treatment and Finite Size Particles

- Abstract
Thanks to the installation of the new Supercomputer of the regional computing center CALMIP (Supercomputer EOS, Bullx DLC, 274 TeÌ raFlop/s), IMFT and CALMIP have collaborated in order to show the new achievements that such a machine can provide in the fluid dynamics.
Two numerical benchmarks have been tested : Interface Treatment and Finite Size Particles.
For each topic, high parallel simulations have been done with different models and codes from the partner laboratories. A feedback day is organized in order to present the obtained results and the methods used.

Workshop CALMIP/IMFT 26 Novembre 2014 @ECA

- program

  • 9h – 12h00 Finite Size Particles :
    Fully resolved particles simulation on turbulent flows (3 talks)
  • 12h –14h00 Repas / Lunch
  • 14h –14h30 Visit of EOS Supercomputer
  • 14h30 –16h30 Interface treatment :
    Numerical study for interface capturing of an inversion phase test case (2 talks)

- Location
Espace CleÌ ment Ader CALMIP (UMS 3667) 3 rue Caroline Aigle 31400 TOULOUSE (AcceÌ€s Bus 37, 78 ou 80) - Novembre 26th 2014

- PreÌ sentations / Speakers :
Nicolas Renon (Calmip)
Wim-­†Paul Breugem et Pedro Costa (TuDelft)
Jos Derksen (U. Alberta, actuellement au TuDelft)
SteÌ phane Vincent (UniversiteÌ de Paris Est Marne la ValleÌ e) Dominique Legendre et Jorge CeÌ sar Brändle de Motta (IMFT).

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